These books are amazing compendiums of diverse and transdisciplinary perspectives on our human condition and visions of a flourishing future for Earth.

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Becoming Intimate with the Earth

by Pauline Le Bel

There is a compelling new narrative for the world—a soul-stirring story that recreates the role of humans and offers hope in these challenging times. Becoming Intimate with the Earth invites the reader to live inside this narrative and to embrace the blessing as well as the shadow of modern culture.

It seamlessly weaves together our new science-based cosmology, the traditional wisdom of indigenous people, and the author’s passionate engagement with life.

186 pages – soft cover
Includes poems, graphics, intimacy practices, resources

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Journey to Civilization
The Science of How We Got Here

by Roger P. Briggs

Roger Briggs, now retired, was an acclaimed high school physics teacher during a career that spanned thirty years. He collaborated as an educational writer with scientists from the Space Environment Lab of NOAA, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University of Colorado, Ball Aerospace Corporation, and other research centers to bring real science into classrooms.Seven years in the research and writing, the scope of Journey to Civilization is breathtaking. Authoritative yet clearly and fluidly written, it is a page-turning account of our human adventure from the birth of the universe to the birth of humanity.

280 page soft cover
Illustrated with nearly 100 charts, graphs,
and full color graphics and photographs

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From the Humanity Conference and Book Series:

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A collection of research, essays, and artistic work from the Evolutionary Epic Conference, with guest contributions.

The Evolutionary Epic: Science’s Story and Humanity’s Response

Edited by Cheryl Genet, Russell Genet, Brian Swimme, Linda Palmer & Linda Gibler.

Foreword by David Christian.

368 page hardbound volume -34 chapters/45 authors


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Also Featuring:

The Inspiration for the
Humanity Conference and Book Series:

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A science story of how we came to be.


HUMANITY: The Chimpanzees Who Would Be Ants
by Russell M. Genet
A highly-readable account of the physical, biological, and cultural evolution of humanity, from the big bang to present.  The book makes a unique comparison between humans and chimpanzees as our genetic relatives and humans and ants as our social analogue. It also presents four possible future scenarios for humanity to allow the reader to “write their own ending.” Foreword by Peter Richerson.215 page hardbound volume

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The Latest Research
in the Scientific Study of Religions:

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A collection of papers and essays from the Evolution of Religion Conference. 

THE EVOLUTION OF RELIGION: Studies, Theories, and Critiques

Edited by Joseph Bulbulia, Richard Sosis, Russell Genet,
Cheryl Genet, Erica Harris, and Karen Wyman.

406 page hardbound- 50 chapters/55 authors

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The last in the
Humanity Conference and Book Series.
Humanity’s Quest for a Flourishing Earth

A book drawn from the work of the conference and other guest contributors.

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The Astronomy Series:

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Smaller telescopes (two meters or less), their use in research and education.$29.95(plus shipping and handling)Click here to orderVisit the Alt-Az initiative website at

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Telescope, Mirror, & Instrument Developments

Smaller telescopes (two meters or less), their development and use.Now Available for advance order: $39.95
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