This article was sent to us by Betty-Ann Kissilove, a Collins Foundation Press contributing author:

In my vision, we’ve come to recognize our true identity as planetary beings. In contrast with our culture’s current collective story which tells us we’re separate from and have power over the natural world, our new, science-based, creation story reveals that we’re stardust! We’re connected to everything! We BELONG to the Earth Community!

This deep belonging engenders within us a sense of responsibility to the whole, as well as feelings of reverence and gratitude. Acting out of these sensibilities, and the awe and wonder evoked by our new story and the Universe itself, we foster Earth’s flourishing.

What we value, personally and collectively, changes to reflect our expanded identity. Cultural institutions—educational, governmental, economic, religious—change to come
into alignment with these values.

The addictive and meaningless distractions that allowed and encouraged us to avoid facing and dealing with the reality surrounding us fall away as we begin to consider how all our actions affect the whole.

Indicators of well-being are no longer based on economic performance, but on indicators that show how well Earth and the whole Earth Community are flourishing. How will we navigate these new waters we’re entering? As Brian Swimme suggests in the film Journey of the Universe, “Wonder will guide us.”


Betty-Ann Kissilove

Betty-Ann Kissilove

Betty Kissilove is the author of Great Ball of Fire! : A Poetic Telling of the Universe Story, published by the Collins Foundation Press.

Betty-Ann Kissilove lives in San Francisco and teaches English as a Second Language at City College. She has long been captivated by the Story of the Universe and believes it holds great significance for our time. She wrote the epic poem Great Ball of Fire! in hopes of making the Universe Story accessible to a wide audience.