Pauline is the author of this new book from Collins Foundation Press.

Pauline is the author of this new book from Collins Foundation Press.

This article was sent to us by Pauline Le Bel, a Collins Foundation Press contributing author:

We Are Not Only Weavers in the Web of Life; We Are Also the Woven

A flourishing Earth is one where all beings are recognized as unique and precious threads in the web of life, where all children are taught that they are a gift to the world, that they have a special way to contribute to the global family, that the Earth is recognized as our Mother from whom we grew out of and to whom we will return. The Earth flourishes when humans engage in an intimate and reciprocal relationship with the Earth and each other, when we realize that we are not the only weavers in the web of life, that we are also the woven. The Earth flourishes when all humans participate in the dance of life and sing the celebratory songs that are written in the winds The Earth flourishes when we listen deeply to each other, when we learn from other life forms, other cultures, when empty pleasures are replaced by deep fun and deep relationship.

How will you participate today in the dance of life?

Pauline Le BelPauline Le Bel is author of “Sing Two Songs and Call Me in the Morning: Science and the Healing Power of Music” forthcoming in Science, Wisdom, and the  Future: Humanity’s Quest for a Flourishing Earth, by the Collins Foundation Press. She is also author of “Bringing The Universe Story Home: Engaged Cosmology and the Role of the Artist” in The Evolutionary Epic: Science’s Story and Humanity’s Response, published by the Collins Foundation Press. Pauline Le Bel’s most recent CD, Rescue Joy, of uplifting and engaging original songs celebrates our intimate relationship with the Earth. Available at You can learn more about her on her website at: and her blog at